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- Quick Lots Merger Services, Flat Management Fee $1,700

- Project Management and Assistance, flat fee

- Green Homes Consulting (Off grid, clean water and air, whole house ventilation, Tesla Power Walls, low VOC and non toxic materials)

- Sustainability Consulting (EV Charging, Energy Management, Solar, LED Light)

- Native Landscaping (design, shopping, planting, trimming, lot clearing)

Cleaning a Rain Gutter
Plant Care
Woman Cleaning Furniture

Small and large projects, construction, landscaping and more

LEED Certification and more

Design, shopping, planting, trimming, lot clearing

“Elena is absolutely wonderful! She has a warm personality and is able to deliver on her promises. We are immensely grateful for Elena going above and beyond and highly recommend her.”

Ryan, San Clemente, CA

“Elena is reliable, easy to get in touch with, and provides excellent service.”


Eric, Watertown, MA

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