Professional Wedding Videographer Price (Orange County & Los Angeles, CA)

Learn what is the % of couples that love to share wedding video highlights on social media. Why is the rest of couples would not want to share it?

What’s the worst thing that can happen?

How many couple will regret not hiring wedding videographer or not hiring a good one?

10 Things that could go horribly SPOOKY when hiring a professional videographer for your wedding:

1. Vendor Did Not Have Insurance

2. Late for Wedding Ceremony or No Show

3. Technically Inexperienced

  • Doesn’t know capabilities or features of their equipment (e.g. camera, sound)

  • …Or, when Uncle Charlie films it

4. Inexperienced with Weddings

  • Needs multiple takes to get the shot right

  • Doesn’t know how to get the best sound

  • Doesn’t know the “unwritten rules” with other vendors

5. Not Able to Problem Solve

6. Not Able to Relate to Your Family, Guests or Vendors on the Team

7. Insufficient Business Approach

  • Not setting clear expectations

  • Unclear contracts

  • Copyrights

  • Non-Disclosure, Confidentiality Agreements

8. Doesn’t Behave or Dress Professionally

9. Inflexible

10. Lifetime Memories

How to be confident that what you buy is what’s important to you!

•How do you and your family (including your children and grandchildren) want remember your wedding day?

•Do you want to hear everything (ex: vows, speeches)?

•Do you want to capture most/all family, friends, older relatives?

•Do you want every detail captured, including things that happen away from where you are (ex: cocktail hour while you are off taking photos)?

•Do you want them to enhance your event and experience?

•Do you want them to capture story of how you met, or just the event?

•Do you want to share this special occasion with those who were not able to attend?

•Do you want your expectations simply be met, or exceeded?

Compare Videographers, Not Packages


–Capture the technical elements of your event

–Boilerplate, but consistent approach requiring modest level of skill

–Likely to treat you like a customer


–Capture the beauty and emotions of your event

–Customized approach requiring a high level of skill

–Likely to treat you like a client or a friend

What is a “Professional Videographer”???

1. Experienced

2. Attentive to the details

3. Storyteller

What is Art?

Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual… expressing the author's imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty and emotional power.

Track Record of Positive Feedback.


•When you go all out to the point that someone deems you a step short from crazy

•Passion is engrained in your body and soul. For me, when you are really happy doing something

•To be passionate about something is to weather the storm no matter how hard it is


•Being passionate is being invested

Easy Going, Fun, Positive


Last Thing Usually Comes to Mind First: Packages and Pricing

Wedding Videographer Prices Orange County and los Angeles

3 Key Takeaways:

1. Compare videographers, not packages/pricing

2. Invest in an artistic storyteller…your family, kids and grandkids will be glad you did!

3. …Investigate… your investment of time will pay off!


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