What is a Celebrant?

Amazing thing!!! Celebrants are highly trained in the art of ceremony creation & performance.​​ They use symbols, prose, poetry, and song lyrics and many other ritual elements to create inspiring and meaningful ceremonies that mark the milestones of a person's life.​​ Their ceremonies ALWAYS reflect the values, philosophy, cultural and ethnic background of our clients.​​

I will add video here as soon as I have it... Sorry.

It's the attitude!!! Every Day Is A Celebration!!!

Allow the beauty of ceremony and ritual to add deeper meaning and richness to the celebrations, transitions, and sorrows that we all experience over our lifetime.

In Western culture, we are mostly accustomed to ceremonies at Weddings, Funerals, and Baptismal, but there are so many more reasons to include ceremony in our lives.

Creating meaningful personalized rituals is an art form that requires great skill and intention. Ceremonies are alive and evolve in accordance with the individuals involved. The inclusion of crystals, stones, flowers, water, herbs, aromatherapy, candles, prayer, incense, movement, drumming, or music can create a powerful ceremonial experience that is filled with love, beauty, warmth, compassion, meaning and sincerity.

Bride-to-Be Sarahmony

Mama Bee Sarahmony

Baby Blessings & Adoptions

First Moon Sarahmony

Wise Woman Sarahmony

Coming into your Wise Self is a powerful transition of change and more

Sarah Lemp

Wedding Officiant​ & Life-Cycle Celebrant




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