From "don't want to think back to my wedding day" to "now I feel like my wedding

Right now you plan your dream wedding – you happiest day. Do you work? Are you planning everything alone or with family member? Is it overwhelming?

Well what I want you to do right now and realize something you have not even had a moment to think about. Close your eyes. Put yourself to the day after the wedding. The wedding day is over. The next day. The week after. The month after. I want to read you a letter from a real bride – you can google – there are thousands of blogs on this and brides like this.

“My wedding was wonderful. There were a few hitches, but it all came together beautifully. But for the entire day, literally until the reception toasts were over, and even after that, I was a stress case. First of all, I couldn’t sleep well for the few days before my wedding, so I was tired and super emotional. This meant I was happy and excited but also that I was prone to crying jags from anxiety even when nothing was really wrong. Also, I was the coordinator and planner of my own wedding, so it was up to me to monitor that everything was happening properly and on time, which was tough to be honest. And I also was constantly self-monitoring to make sure I wasn’t being at all "bride-zilla." It’s not that I wanted everything to be perfect, but I wanted all of my loved ones to feel honored. In short, even though I absolutely loved my wedding it all came together well, it was probably one of the most stressful days of my life!

That said, my decision to marry my husband was the BEST decision I’ve ever made. I’m so thrilled to be his wife and the first six months of our marriage have been truly magical. But the wedding day? Glad it happened and glad the wedding was wonderful, but wouldn’t relive it! Does anyone else feel the same?" Read more:

I did not film that wedding. That bride did not know what you are going to learn in next 10 minutes. The wedding day is just a regular stressful day without a magical video that makes you to relive it after stress is over and makes you feel and remember it differently... This is email from the mother of my bride:


I can't begin to tell me how much your fine artistry has made my family so, so happy and helped Gabbie " to heal" somewhat.

........Your ability to capture key moments of the joy, awkward and precious moments to be remembered forever. ......Those moments are captured in time for all to see and look back upon. They also recorded moments we never saw and wondered about during the day . Everyone goes through something, but Gabbie has been through her share and this "Moment" was extremely important. She got to shine somewhat that day and others finally got to see a little of what was hiding inside Gabbie, waiting to come out. This was her moment and she planned so much, much of which did not happen (so you can only imagine what else would have been contained in the day), but that is another story. Nothing goes perfect we know, but you were definitely one of the very important ones who did not let us down, and for Gabbie in particular, it means the world.

We are often speechless, laugh and are left with "tears of joy". I can't get enough of the day and play parts of the videos everyday and never tire. I just want more moments since I can't absorb it all. Gabbie is finally feeling good about herself and the day, which for us is most important. We only had one opportunity and thank you for being there and preserving the day for us as beautifully as you did.

You are fantastic!!!

We wish yo a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

We of course will be in touch. Gabbie I know was going to contact you with any revisions or whatever.

Thanks for being you,


  1. Imagine all you have a photos and some guests shaky dark videos. Relive moment over and over. It needs to highlight the amazing moments at the best quality to make you feel happy. Or you remember it as a shaky blurr.

  2. Full vows and toasts with amazing video

  3. Could be a last video of some older relatives

  4. Family gathering and happy moments to share after the wedding is passed

  5. See what you would never see (grooms preps, cocktail hour)

  6. Remember everything and not just what your brain can contain in one day

  7. Avoid Emotional void – because you were so nervous – you will not even remember 80% of the activities that happened because you too busy focused on not falling or not crying

  8. Tell the story of how you met for your children to see

  9. Share with those who could not make it to the wedding

  10. So you will never have to say “I wish I did it” after it is too late – nothing can replace it

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