Wedding Video Prices and Tipping

3 category of videographers (not packages)

  1. Factory. Cheap packages, who hire cheap videographers with cameras usually inexperienced who are trying to get established or new. Same with editors. It is video. Shot by one videographer. Cons: Miss things, like vows could get blocked, first dance photographer gets in front of unmanned camera and the second camera has a side view only showing grooms shoulder and blocking bride completely. Sound issues or dubbed sound meaning music plays and no sounds of the day. $500-$2000

  2. Mid range. Caring talented videographers who film themselves but outsource editing $1700-$4000. One style – easy to explain to editors how to edit. You can see it when you watch many of thier videos - you will start getting bored - they are all the same. Its like a template. If you friend had them film her wedding - your wedding will look the same.

  3. High end boutique style. Personalized attention, based on your wedding vision, your family, your love story. $4,000-$9,000. You can get some deals here if they want to fill open days. Every video is different custom length and style and it shows how each couple is unique, what brought them together and how much they care about their friends and family....

Videographers are in teacher category. I know many of them and I don’t know anybody who became rich from filming weddings – just making living and doing what they love. Cost of equipment, education and complexity of project dictates the price. Just because one videogrpaher is more expensive - does not mean they make more money. It is usually just mean that they spend much more time on each project (including emails, phone calls, meetings, planning, collecting music and broll like time-lapse, drone aerial footage could take extra days, and editing could take months).

Tipping is not required but it makes your videographer feel special. I have gotten anywhere from $40 to $300 in tips.


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