OC Wedding Videographer that makes everybody cry

Elena Coyne from Luxury Wedding Films has been filming documentaries since 1997, working for Central TV news stations in Russia and cable TV in Boston, Massachusetts, Filmed over 500 weddings and 200 corporate events, real estate online lessons and sports.

When she was a teen she watched soap opera in 90s “Santa Barbara” and was stopped on the streets because she looked like the main character from it, Eden played by Mercy Walker. Her dream was to leave in CA. She won many professional awards and has only 5 star review across many many sites. Earned Master’s degree in Journalism. Hobby psychology, chess, travel and new foods.

But most importantly she had done it all and fixed lots of things that gone wrong on the wedding day: ironed the bridal gown, sowed the brides maids dress, rocked a guests baby to sleep, walked a grandpa to a formal pictures spot, has convinced number of brides to stop crying and come out, made the ceremony be outside in front of amazing scenery instead of dark room even thou it was only 10 minutes left to ceremony and rain just stopped.

She has travelled some countries and states before finally landing in sunny CA.

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